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  1. What is paintball?
  2. How do you play?
  3. Is paintball safe?
  4. What is a paintball?
  5. What is a paintball marker?
  6. What are the rules?

what is paintball?

Paintball is one of the newest, and most exciting, sport sensations to sweep the world. Paintball started in the early eighties with pistols used for marking cattle. It began as a discussion between a stock broker and a farmer about trying to mark each other with the pistols as sort of a survival game. From that small discussion, a whole industry has quickly formed. It is now an organized team sport, with independent manufacturers of markers and related equipment, regular playing fields and recognized tournaments. Major tournaments offer prize money as high as $100,000.

The game is played with gas-operated markers that shoot biodegradable gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble, non-toxic paint. Although paintball is sometimes referred to as a "war" game, the sport does not promote or glorify war. In fact, it does the opposite. Once you experience the sport of paintball, you will soon realize that any real combat zone is definitely not the safe place that the movies make them out to be, even if you are an invincible hero. Paintball is not a violent despite its appearance to the uninitiated. Paintball players wear camouflage clothing only because the game is played in the woods and they don't want to be seen by their opponents.

Paintball is a sport where men, women, the young and the old can compete equally. Size, strength or gender is not as important as intelligence and determination. Paintball is played throughout the world by people from all professions and walks of life. Players learn the importance of teamwork and gain self-confidence while developing valuable leadership skills. Players that pay attention to their senses and develop good team oriented strategy, planning and communications will overpower their opposition easily and quickly.

Paintball is now played in almost all countries of the world by millions of people every weekend. Almost every city and small town in north America now has an organized paintball field.

Once the adrenaline starts pumping, you can't help to love the thrill of the game!!!

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how do you play?

Paintball is most commonly played by teams identified by colored armbands. Teams can range from 3 to 4 players to as many as 2000 a side! Each team strives to achieve a "goal" or "objective", similar to many other "ball" oriented sports.

Players will attempt to eliminate opposing players from play by "tagging" them with paintballs. If a player is "hit" and the paintball breaks anywhere on the player's body or equipment, resulting in a paint "splat", the player is considered "out" and must immediately leave the playing field to the designated safe or neutral area.

Games usually last approximately 25 minutes, or less, if the objective is reached. Objectives can range from capturing or defending a flag to eliminating the opposing team entirely. Whichever the case, the game will challenge players both physically and mentally as exertion and cleverness are integral to winning.

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is paintball safe?

is paintball safe?

Paintball is one of the faster growing sports in North America, and statistically, it is also one of the safest. As long as all the safety rules are followed, the risk of injury is very low. At Tsawwassen Paintball, your safety is our number one priority. Our fully trained and experienced staff will give you a detailed safety briefing at the beginning of the day, and are always there throughout the day for assistance. Above is chart of sport related injuries, comparing paintball to other sports.

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what is a paintball?

Paintballs are fairly hard gelatin. They travel at a maximum velocity of 300 feet per second, or 205 miles per hour, which is monitored and regulated for maximum safety.

Depending on where, and at what range, the paintball hits you, it can be painful. As you can imagine, some body parts are more sensitive than others. Thick or baggy clothing can help to reduce the stinging sensation. Also, covering any exposed skin with gloves, hats and scarves can be a good idea. If you are hit from far enough away, or in the facemask or goggles, you may not feel a thing. Paintballs come in a rainbow of colors and when a player gets tagged with one, it leaves a bright "splat" of paint on them, indicating that they are out of the game.

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what is a paintball marker?

Paintball markers come in a variety of types and styles. Some are small pistols, while others are larger semi-automatic models. They range from under $100 to over $3000. All are limited in their power and range.

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what are the rules?

Absolutely no physical contact. Do not say or do anything to provoke an argument or start a fight. It is strictly against the rules to pretend to be eliminated, to fake an injury, a paint check or a surrender. Armband must be in plain sight around your arm, do not attempt to hide it.

You may not improvise or carry a portable shield. Stay within the designated boundaries. If you, your marker, your equipment, or anything you are carrying is hit with a paintball, and the resulting "splat" is bigger that a quarter, you are out.

Do not speak or communicate with any of your surviving team-mates, if you do, they will be disqualified. In the case of a simultaneous elimination, both players are out. If you are accidentally tagged by your own team, you are out. If you are about to be tagged at point-blank range, you may surrender. If you surrender, you are out. Once you indicate that you have been eliminated in any way, you are out, regardless of the circumstances.

Always have your mask and goggles firmly in place when on, or near, the playing field, regardless of whether or not a game is in progress. No velocity adjusting tools allowed on the playing field. No pyrotechnics, explosive devices or knives. Do not climb trees. No building fires or triplines. Do not shoot at wildlife. Do not pick up old paintballs.

No markers with the CO2 tank attached allowed in the safety area at any time. If your goggles accidentally fall off while on the playing field, fall to ground, cover eyes and yell "FREEZE!" until a referee comes to assist you. Do not attempt to find goggles yourself. Three whistle blasts indicates an emergency. immediately cease fire and leave the field with goggles in place.

No consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is allowed!!!

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